Our Services

Blending Services

  • Confidential ingredient sourcing
  • Simple to complex formulas
  • Both hot and cold mixing

Liquid & Semi-Solid Filling

  • Glass or plastic containers
  • 0.5 fl. oz. – 1 gallon sizes
  • Small or large runs

Specialty Bottle Filling

  • We work directly with you
  • Tailored to exact need
  • Custom look

Tube Filling

  • 1/8 fl. oz. – 13 fl. oz. tube filling
  • Difficult-to-fill products
  • Flammable, viscous & foamy formulas

Grease Cartridge Filling

  • Flexible quantities
  • Large OEMs and small businesses
  • 3 fl. oz. – 14 fl. oz. amounts

Blister Packaging

  • Custom solutions for tubes and bottles
  • Perfect for retail packaging
  • Durable, transparent and tamper-proof
We are a global company providing compounding, blending, and filling for a wide range of industries. Our hallmark for excellence in all aspects of our services and products since 1948 has gained us an established reputation for delivering competitively priced, high quality products as well as sustaining strong business relationships. We are proud to offer full turnkey services for OEMs, automotive aftermarket industries, private labels, and more.

What We Offer

Custom Containers

Sourcing specialty bottles with irregular dispensers, caps, sealing or packaging is a regular occurrence handled with ease.


Your formula is safe with us. We do not develop products of our own and therefore do not compete against our clients in the marketplace.

Small or Large Runs

Highly experienced in a variety of size production runs. Our flexibility ensures you get the right amount for whatever you need.

Product Sourcing

We are able to get ingredients locally, making this a cost effective solution because we pass the savings on directly to you—the customer.

Rooster Laboratories

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Full Turnkey Capabilities with Bernard Laboratories

We can handle one aspect of your product’s process, or provide a start-to-finish solution.