Bernard Laboratories Completes Line of Formulated Products for Militec-1

August 8, 2023
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Bernard Laboratories worked with Militec, Inc. to complete filling and packaging for a line of formulations. The products included lubricants and greases for firearm, automotive and marine industries.

A unique aspect of this line of products were the specialty bottles and dispensers required for the application. Because the items were to be used in the Sportsmen, Military, and Law Enforcement fields it was necessary that they come with a particular needle tip applicator.

Bottles are an ideal container for lubricants, and for this particular formula we used a ½ oz. plastic bottle. It wasn’t crucial that this particular lubricant have a specialty dispenser and so we were able to minimize costs for the end client by using a standard cap.

The grease formula was a little more complex in this case. It was necessary that this particular product be able to be squeezed out in very small and accurate amounts. We settled on a ½ oz. grease tube and were able to source a specialty needle tip applicator at an affordable rate for our client.

Because of our full turnkey services, Militec was able to expand into international markets and grow their operation. A new headquarters was opened in Columbia to serve the new demand and we were able to form a mutually beneficial business relationship and help their company to streamline their expansion.

Our bottles are typically available in ½ oz. to 1 gallon ranges and include countertop display cartons in a variety of sizes. Plastic bottles are a great standard option for the majority of liquid and semi-solid formulations.

Grease tubes usually come in ½ oz. to 14 oz. options and are a great option for thicker formulas.

We can also source and a variety of custom dispensers, child-resistant packaging, and more.