Bernard Laboratories Manufactures Full Line of Polish & Lubricants for Rooster Labs

August 8, 2023
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Bernard Laboratories has worked with Rooster Laboratories since 2006 to provide full turnkey blending, filling, and packaging for a line of their products. We have been able to help take their company to new heights with our manufacturing and packaging expertise, and Rooster Labs is now an internationally renowned provider of expertise of lubricants and polishes for the firearms industry.

This particular company makes formulas for commercial reloaders, manufacturers, and individuals. Products like Rooster Jacket and Rooster Bright make it easier for individuals to produce professional, high-performance bullets and cartridges in their home workshops.

Brass polish and bullet film lubricant are the primary products for which we do ongoing production runs. Our ability to complete full-service blending of the formulas, filling of containers and bottles, and custom packaging all in one place have helped them to minimize costs and improve efficiency with this full turnkey approach.

Our partnership with Rooster Labs has enabled them to develop new products and increase in sales volume throughout our 15-year partnership of private labeling.

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