Catalyzing Excellence: How Bernard Lab Amplified Rooster Laboratories’ Ascent in the Reloading Industry

September 22, 2020
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Summary: This success story traces the productive collaboration between Bernard Laboratories and Rooster Laboratories that initiated in 2006. Harnessing Bernard Laboratories’ specialized capabilities in blending, filling, and packaging, Rooster Labs emerged as an international forerunner in the firearms industry, known for their lubricants and polishes that significantly elevated the ammunition crafting experience for both individuals and commercial entities. Beyond just a supplier-customer relationship, this story showcases a symbiotic partnership that navigated various challenges, streamlined efficiencies, and drove tangible growth, marking an inspiring chapter in the industrial landscape.

Industry: Ammunition Cartridge Reloading
Processes: Toll Blending, Filling, Packaging, Distribution
Category: End-to-end Private Labeling Partnership

Bernard Laboratories is proud of its longstanding partnership with Rooster Laboratories, which kicked off in 2006. With the specialized expertise in blending, filling, and packaging, Bernard Laboratories has provided turnkey solutions that have been instrumental in escalating Rooster Labs to the pinnacle of the firearms industry. Rooster Labs, with its array of products, have revolutionized the experience for commercial reloaders, manufacturers, and hobbyists, enabling them to create professional-grade ammunition in their home workshops. This industrial success story not only underlines the growth and innovation achieved by Rooster Labs but also highlights Bernard Laboratories’ critical role in overcoming challenges, enhancing efficiency, and driving results.

For more than a decade, Bernard Laboratories has collaborated with Rooster Laboratories to provide end-to-end solutions for their product line. Rooster Labs, a key player in the firearms industry, offers lubricants and polishes that empower individual enthusiasts and commercial entities to craft high-performance bullets and cartridges. Their primary products, Rooster Jacket and Rooster Bright, have been pillars of our manufacturing and packaging operations.

As a manufacturer specializing in toll blending, filling, packaging, warehousing, and distribution, Bernard Laboratories has proven to be an indispensable partner for Rooster Labs. Our adeptness in executing continuous production runs for their brass polish and bullet film lubricant has been pivotal in enhancing their market prominence. By embracing our full-service blending, filling, and custom packaging capabilities, Rooster Labs has effectively minimized costs while boosting efficiency.

This relationship’s impact over the past 15 years has been far-reaching. The partnership has propelled Rooster Labs to develop and introduce new products, cementing their stature as an internationally recognized provider in their niche. Furthermore, their sales volume has significantly increased during our private labeling partnership, a testament to the success of this alliance. This unique collaboration between Bernard Laboratories and Rooster Labs is an exemplary illustration of industrial symbiosis, leading to mutually beneficial growth and innovation.