Precision Packaging: Bernard Lab’s Response to Militec’s Distinctive Bottle and Dispenser Demands

September 21, 2020
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Summary: Bernard Laboratories played an instrumental role in addressing Militec’s unique packaging and formulation requirements, especially within the demanding sectors of Sportsmen, Military, and Law Enforcement. Tackling intricate challenges, such as the precise application needs of Militec’s grease formula, Bernard employed its vast sourcing expertise to procure specialty needle tip applicators at cost-effective rates. This adaptability and commitment to tailor-made solutions enabled Militec-1 to significantly broaden its global market presence, leading to the establishment of a new headquarters in Columbia and marking a notable milestone in their collaborative journey.

Industry: Firearm, Automotive, Marine
Processes: Toll Blending, Filling, Packaging, Distribution
Category: Custom Packaging Solutions 

In the world of industrial manufacturing and packaging, Bernard Laboratories and Militec Inc. share a successful partnership that stands as a testament to our commitment and adaptability. Through our collaborative journey, we addressed a series of unique requirements from Militec, providing tailor-made solutions that empowered them to expand their business reach. As a full-service toll blending, filling, packaging, warehousing, and distribution company, Bernard Laboratories catered to Militec’s product lines, including lubricants and greases for the firearm, automotive, and marine industries. This success story presents an encapsulation of the challenges we tackled, the effective solutions we implemented, and the significant growth Militec achieved as a result.

Embarking on our journey with Militec Inc., we undertook the challenge of filling and packaging their diverse formulations designed for various demanding fields including Sportsmen, Military, and Law Enforcement. A distinguishing feature of these product lines was the need for specialty bottles and dispensers tailored for specific applications, particularly a needle tip applicator.

For the lubricants, our cost-effective approach incorporated a standard cap on a ½ oz. plastic bottle, an optimal container choice for such formulas. This move significantly curtailed expenses for the end client without compromising the product’s application.

The grease formula, however, posed a more intricate challenge. Precision was crucial as the product needed to be dispensed in extremely small and accurate quantities. We utilized our sourcing expertise to procure a specialty needle tip applicator affordably, pairing it with a ½ oz. grease tube – an excellent choice for thicker formulas.

As a testament to the effectiveness of our full turnkey services, Militec was able to successfully penetrate international markets and amplify their operation. This expansion led to the opening of a new headquarters in Columbia, indicative of the increased demand for their products. As a result of our mutual collaboration, we facilitated their rapid expansion, fostering a win-win business relationship.

We continue to offer packaging solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, from ½ oz. to 1-gallon plastic bottles for liquid and semi-solid formulations, and ½ oz. to 14 oz. grease tubes for thicker products. Further, we source an assortment of custom dispensers, child-resistant packaging, and more, underlining our commitment to adaptability and client satisfaction.