Chemical Processing

August 6, 2021
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According to Bulk Inside:

The chemical processing industry is an industry where raw (bulk) materials undergo chemical conversion during their processing into finished products, or into products that are of value to other industries.

The chemical processing industry includes those manufacturing facilities whose products result from:

Chemical reactions between organic or inorganic materials, or both,
Separation, or purification of a natural product, extraction, with or without the aid of chemical reactions,
The preparation of specifically formulated mixtures of materials, either natural or synthetic.
While the chemical processing industry is primarily the realm of the chemical process engineer and the chemist, it also involves a wide range of other scientific, engineering, and economic specialists.

What is chemical processing
Chemical processing is a way of making changes to chemical compounds. Chemical processing is done is to change the chemical structure of raw (bulk) materials in order to obtain products that are of value to other industries / in daily life.

These products include agrochemicals, petrochemicals, oleochemicals, ceramics, polymers, rubber, fragrances, flavors and explosives.

Chemical processing plants use specialized equipment and technology in the manufacturing process, that can withstand the most demanding requirements and rigorous operating conditions.

The extreme conditions that exist in chemical processing facilities place exceptional demands on equipment to stand up to heat, pressure, stress and corrosion over an operating life that can span decades.

Chemical solids processing unit operations are everywhere in chemical processing plants, yet most chemical engineers are not well equipped to deal with particle technology process problems.

Chemical process definition = Method or means of changing one or more chemicals or chemical compounds. This process can occur by itself or be caused by an outside force and involves a chemical reaction.

Chemical engineering process
The chemical engineering process focuses on designing processes that deliver optimum performance in terms of technology, economy, environment and meeting society’s needs.

The chemical engineering process can be divided into the following disciplines:

Process design
Process control
Process operations
Supporting tools
Process economics

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