Bernard Lab Cutting-Edge Technology: Tools for Superior Chemical Blending  

December 18, 2023
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As highlighted in the article “Tools & Technology Used in Industrial Chemical Blending” by Sensorex, precision is paramount when it comes to industrial chemical blending. Incorrect proportions can lead to unintended results, making it crucial to employ the right tools and technology for the process. Different blenders, such as the hydraulic blender, ribbon blender, cone blender, tumble blender, paddle blender, and vertical blender, cater to various types of ingredients. Moreover, sensors play a pivotal role in ensuring accuracy. pH sensors aid in adjusting the pH of elements, with readings below 7.0 indicating acidity, and readings above 7.0 signifying alkalinity. For a comprehensive quality check, using a conductivity sensor to verify if the end product meets the desired consistency and quality is recommended. The article emphasizes the importance of these tools in achieving accurate and consistent results in industrial chemical blending.

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