Bernard Lab: Innovating Lubricant Packaging for Performance and Convenience

September 13, 2023
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In the world of lubricants and greases, innovation extends far beyond the formulation of complex substances that fill our workshops, factories, and store shelves. Packaging plays a pivotal role, and the days of relying solely on standard drums, containers, and totes are evolving. Brand owners now seek unique packaging solutions that strike the perfect balance between performance, convenience, and product protection.

These innovative solutions may include tamper-proof seals, security caps, pull-out spouts for precise pouring, fill level indicators, and durable anti-counterfeit labeling featuring QR codes to access additional technical information and data sheets. Above all, a successful lubricant container must be robust, ergonomic, and easy to handle.

A standout example of such innovation is Valvoline’s Easy Pour Bottle, which has garnered widespread acclaim. Recognized with the prestigious 2018 Product of the Year award in the Car Care Category, this motor oil supplier’s creation impressed with its handle design, resealable overcap, efficient spout, and anti-glug tube.

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