Bernard Lab: Innovating Packaging Solutions, Exploring Inkjet Code Printing Inks

January 22, 2024
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In the comprehensive source article titled “Printing Inks (Ink-jet Code Printing)” from Bizongo, the exploration into the intricate world of printing inks, specifically focusing on ink-jet code printing for diverse substrates, is highlighted.

Printing inks vary based on the type of printer and the substrate to be printed on. Standard inkjet printers predominantly use dye-based inks, offering excellent color reproduction. However, in industrial settings where a sharp and clear print is crucial, some printers opt for pigment-based inks. While dye-based inks excel in color, they can be prone to soaking into paper, potentially affecting clarity.

The industrial landscape introduces different printing technologies, such as lithographic and flexographic printers, employing thicker ink in the form of a paste. The emphasis here is on the significance of choosing the right ink formulation based on specific printing requirements and substrate characteristics.

Navigating the nuances of printing inks, the focus remains on achieving precision and clarity in the printing process. The article serves as a guide to businesses seeking advanced solutions for ink-jet code printing, ensuring optimal results across various substrates.

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Photo and article with all rights reserved, courtesy of bizongo.com.