Bernard Lab: Leading the Way in Vision for the Future of Packaging Sustainability

February 19, 2024
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In the article “A Glimpse at the Future of Packaging” from Lubes’n’Greases magazine, insights from industrial packaging specialist Greif shed light on the evolving landscape of packaging, particularly in the lubricants sector. Conducting extensive market research and surveys, Greif’s findings reveal significant trends and growth projections within the industry.

Greif’s comprehensive survey involved engaging with key stakeholders, including leading lubricant manufacturers and suppliers, to assess future trends and their impact on packaging, with a specific emphasis on sustainability and industrial packaging. Notably, the research highlighted a growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions, driven by an industry-wide commitment to decarbonization and circular economy models.

Despite the challenges posed by dynamic operating conditions, Greif’s research indicates a steady growth trajectory for the lubricants packaging market, particularly in automotive, industrial, marine, and aerospace segments. However, companies are now reevaluating their strategies and investing in resilience measures to adapt to evolving market dynamics.

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