Bernard Lab Takes the Lead in Fostering Chemical Supply Chain Talent

January 31, 2024
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In a groundbreaking move, as reported by P&CT in their article “Leading the way in attracting and engaging chemical supply chain talent,” the initiative stands at the forefront of efforts aimed at making the chemical supply chain an employer of choice. The Chemical Business Association (CBA) has introduced its People & Skills Hub, a dynamic creative space designed to catalyze and unite stakeholders across the chemical supply chain.

The Hub, spearheaded by the CBA, serves as a nexus for member companies, government entities, industry experts, and aspiring professionals. It focuses on engaging emerging talent, nurturing existing talent, and fostering collaboration through projects like the Future Council, established in 2022 to promote the industry and highlight it as an employer of choice.

This innovative initiative aims to bridge the gap between talent and opportunities through collaborative projects, internships, and job placements. By showcasing diverse career pathways within the chemical supply chain, the Hub aims to attract individuals with various skills and proficiencies, including science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and creative subjects like art. The emphasis is on ability and attitude, transcending traditional qualifications.

Tim Doggett, CBA CEO, emphasizes the importance of a diverse and skilled workforce for the chemical supply chain to innovate and grow. The People & Skills Hub, under the leadership of Heather Carroll, the CBA’s People and Skills Lead, is set to pioneer equality, diversity, and inclusion, engaging young talent through initiatives like the Early Talent Pipeline and promoting upskilling and networking among the existing workforce.

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