November 29, 2021
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Looking to know more about blister packaging and the process?

According to LinkedIn:

Blister packaging is a package in which a clear or opaque plastic or metal-foil seal holds the product (usually capsules, tablets, or other types of small items). Blister packaging is used by many pharmaceutical companies for a number of packaging like tablets, Capsules, Drugs, Vials, Ampoules, syringes or liquid product. We will see the concept of the process, some common problems and some useful tips.

Two basic types of pharmaceutical packages exist.

1.    The cavity is constructed of clear, thermoformed plastic, and the lid is formed of clear plastic or  a combination of plastic, paper, and/or foil

2.    Another one, Foil as an essential component of both webs and its cavity is created by cold stretching


  1. Forming
  2. Product loading
  3. Sealing
  4. Coding
  5. Perforation
  6. Cutting
  1. Forming Materials

· Thermoforming

· Coldforming

  1. Product Loading

To be considered:

· Batch Size

· Type of products/characteristics

· Blister design

· Type of barrier (PVC, Alu/Alu)


· It is the most widely used due to its cost/ protection ratio. .

· It’s the material with the least protection. .

· It is used as the base for the rest of muti layers including Alu-Alu. .

· The blistering process is the most standard


  1. Manual feeding
  2. Semi-automatic feeder
  3. Universal automatic feeder
  4. Dedicated automatic feeder
  5. Sealing

The base and sealing material are sealed by pressure and temperature

  1. Coding

Coding helps in information foreg. Batch.no. manufacturing date, expiry date. MRP, & weight etc. on various type of packaging

  1. Perforation

Making a row of small holes in (paper/plastic/alu) so that a part may be torn off easily.

  1. Cutting

The last process is of cutting the packaging


Load inspection systems.

Vision inspection are the most widely used. Capable of verifying presence, position, color and broken tablets.

Manual feeder inspection system

Must be used along with the blister positioner and some rejection system.

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