Confused? Let’s learn the differences between the laminated tubes

August 31, 2021
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There are many types of laminated tubes. Here are ways to learn the differences.

According to LinkedIn:

Recently laminated tubes are becoming more and more popular due to their better printing effect and other outstanding properties. There are many types of laminated tubes. Today I’m going to introduce you three common properties. And I’d like to share with you the differences between them. 

First let me show you a comparing picture of the three kinds of laminated tubes.

You could see the HGL (High glossy tube) tube is more shinny than ABL(Aluminum barrier tube). And all of them could be printed by CMYK which could print complicated pattern well. 

Second, many clients will ask us about the material of them. Some of them are worried about the barrier. Please note that all of them are mul-ti layer tubes. Their material structures are as below:

PBL tube (Plastic barrier tube)= PE/adhesive/EVOH/adhesive/PE or PE/adhesive/PE/adhesive/PE

ABL tube = PE/adhesive/Aluminium/adhesive/PE 

HGL tube=PE/adhesive/VMPET/adhesive/PE  

And we have made a burning test before for comparing PE,HGL,PBL & ABL tubes. Pls find more details here : http://www.cosmetic-tube.com/Article/ABLtubenotburned_1_1.html 

You can find the HGL tube can be burnt through while the ABL tube cannot. Because there is a Aluminum foil. Therefore, ABL tube has the best barrier. 

If you are looking for a laminated tube with CMYK printed but PE then PBL tubes are good choice. If you are looking for CMYK printed tube looks similar to aluminum tube and the best barrier then you are suggested to using ABL tubes.

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