Reasons To Use Squeeze Tubes For Your Packaging

April 5, 2023
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Analysts predict squeeze tube use is cosmetics, oral care, personal care as well as pharmaceuticals and food industries will grow steadily in the global market for at least the next five years.

From production cost savings to a longer shelf life, there are many good reasons why producers and marketers of creams, lotions, oils and many other skin care and cosmetic products are switching from jars to squeezable tubes.

Here is a list of some of the reasons squeeze tubes are more widely used:

1. Squeeze tubes make using the product easier for the end user

2. When compared to jars, squeezeable tubes need less protective packaging which lowers packing costs

3. Squeeze tubes weigh much less than jars, lowering shipping costs as well

4. Less chance of damage during shipping

5. Product has a much longer shelf life in squeeze tubes over jars

6. Less product waste; better value for the customer AND the supplier

Easier to Use

Squeeze tubes, by design, are simply easier to hold as they are thinner and lighter than jars. A smaller package diameter, softer material and lighter weight allows for hands of nearly any size, age and strength to dispense the contained product. Jars and bottles are made of glass, which of course is rigid, requiring a stronger, more prolonged grip on the heavier container.

The types of caps on squeeze tubes like flip caps, valve tips and spouts also make squeeze tube use easier for all end users. This makes dispensing of the product, whether it’s a lotion, cream, oil, paste, etc., much easier than having to hold a larger container, such as a glass jar, with one hand while scooping out the product with a finger on the other hand.

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