The features of automatic aluminum tube filling sealing machine

August 31, 2021
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Have you ever wondered what features make up the tube filling machine?

According to LinkedIn:

Automatic aluminum tube filling sealing machine can fill liquid or viscosity into plastic tubes and plastic-aluminum laminated tubes, heat sealing tube,automatic feed tubes.

1.Consists of tube feeding system, orientation system, filling system, internal-heating system, outside heating system, Sealing and batching system, end cutting system, ejection system.

2.Adopt PLC, photo sensor, rotary plate controlling system.

3.Adopts slot wheel dividing system to drive the turntable to do intermittent movement

4.Filling measurement is accurate. Heating time is stable and adjustable. Sealed tail looks pretty and neat and the trimming is very tidy.

5.This machine has stable performance and work without any noise and pollution.

6.The part which is contact with the filling material is made of high-quality stainless steels. The parts which need to clean are made of quick-change device that is removable and convenient for washing.

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