Types of Packaging – The Blister Pack

March 20, 2023
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“Blister pack” is a general term that describes packaging that uses a process known as thermoforming. Thermoforming involves heating a sheet of plastic to a temperature where it can be easily formed and molded into any desired shape. The term “blister” refers to the pocket of thermoformed plastic that covers the product.

Blister packs refer to a variety of packaging that have a preformed plastic “pocket” or “shell” (where a product sits securely in place) that is most often heat sealed to an adhesive coated paperboard card or foil backing (think single dose pills or lozenges).

There are many types and variations of blister packs in use in the retail market.

A flanged blister that surrounds the product and is heat sealed to a piece of paperboard. The seal is only on the flange while the rest of the card stays uncovered.

For heavier products a larger flange or different blister style is generally used.

This is a very common and inexpensive blister pack style if your volumes are high enough (25K – 500K).

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