Contract Packaging Solutions

We provide a variety of contract and custom packaging solutions for the products we fill, including cards, clamshell, and blister-sealed packs. Using Bernard Laboratories for this step of the manufacturing process ensures shorter production time frames and an impeccable final result every time.

What is it?

Blister carton packaging encompasses several kinds of thermoformed plastic packaging. Usually a back of paperboard, aluminum foil, or plastic substrate is applied to the back of a plastic pocket via a heat-sealing process, with the product inside. It’s a good option for items that need UV or light protection to remain stable.

Clamshell packaging is all plastic and has two halves that fully encompass the item. They are durable, transparent, tamper-proof, and can be created in many shapes and thicknesses. Clamshell packaging is a good standard option for most products because it provides clear display so the user can easily see the item inside.

Why Choose Us?

Our packaging solutions conform to the dimensions of the actual product, making the final result look polished, finished, and ready for sale. Bernard Laboratories’ years of experience in blister packaging materials and machinery enables clients to benefit from short production time frames and highly customized results.

If your company is trying to figure out which type of packaging is right for your product, request a quote from us to learn more.

Choose Bernard Laboratories for your formula mixing and processing needs.

Stock or Custom Options

Standard or made-to-order blister sealed cards, along with tooling ability to put tubes and bottles on the cards.

Shorter Production Time

Our experience in manufacturing has refined our operating procedure so that working with us is a smooth, easy process.


Our custom decoration and labeling services let you fine-tune exactly what you want your final item to look like.

Protective & Stable

Useful for safeguarding products against external factors, such as humidity, light, and contamination.


Due to the nature of the material and design, our packaging is a reasonable option for most of our clients.

Full Turnkey Capabilities

When you use Bernard Laboratories to blend or fill a product, we can also package, warehouse, and ship straight from our facilities to streamline the entire manufacturing process.

Start-to-Finish Manufacturing & Packaging Solutions

Confidential ingredient sourcing and product blending. We can handle simple to complex formulas and offer both hot and cold mixing.

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Glass or plastic containers in 0.5 oz – 1 gallon sizes. We can do small or large runs.

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We work directly with our clients to understand the exact need, and then customize bottles for the application.

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1/8 fl. oz. – 13 fl. oz. tube filling, often for difficult-to-fill products such as flammables, vicious, or foamy formulas.

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Flexible quantity grease cartridge filling for both large OEMs and small businesses. 3 fl. oz. – 14 fl. oz. amounts.

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Common Products

  • Adhesives
  • Lubricants
  • Cleaners
  • Detergents
  • Expoxies
  • Solvents
  • Deodorizers
  • Pesticides
  • Oils
  • Aftermarket Automotive
  • More