Toll Blending Services

Bernard Laboratories provides top-of-the-line toll blending as well as full turnkey capabilities to handle your product’s creation from start to finish.

Our range of custom formulation services include adhesives, lubricants, detergents, and more. We are able to ensure client confidentiality by keeping formulas safeguarded, with complete privacy. We do not develop products of our own and therefore do not compete against our clients in the marketplace.

What is it?

Toll blending is a service by which complex chemical formulations can be created, mixed and processed into a final ready-for-market product. The information is sent to a company such as Bernard Laboratories for production and in some cases filling and packaging.

Many modern chemicals require specialized equipment and resources that makes mixing in-house too costly for a company to finance. Toll blending is a cost-effective option.

Why Choose Us?

Bernard Laboratories offers full turnkey capabilities including sourcing material and custom packaging services. We can also help plan and coordinate complicated delivery, storage and disposal needs. We have a minimum batch size of 300 gallons and can assist throughout every part of the process to ensure the final result is the exact quantity and quality of what you need.

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Ingredient Sourcing

We can source your ingredients locally and pass on the cost savings to you, making this a cost effective solution for our clients.

Flammable Product Blending

Unique flammable and hazardous formula blending capabilities. (This service is only available in a 55-gallon batch size.)

Hot & Cold Compound Mixing

Tanks are connected directly to the filling lines making this a cost effective filling solution. We can blend products up to 250° F.

Two-Phase Blending

We can blend two distinctive compounds in separate tanks and blend/combine them together to produce a final product.

Deionized (D.I.) Water or Filtered Tap Water

Deionized water allows products to be as pure and potent as possible. For a more cost effective solution we do offer the option to used filtered tap water if desired.

Accurate Formula Mixing

Our mixing tanks are all on scales for accurate formula blending by weight or liquid measure.

Start-to-Finish Manufacturing & Packaging Solutions

Glass or plastic containers in 0.5 oz – 1 gallon sizes. We can do small or large runs.

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We work directly with our clients to understand the exact need, and then customize bottles for the application.

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1/8 fl. oz. – 13 fl. oz. tube filling, often for difficult-to-fill products such as flammables, vicious, or foamy formulas.

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Flexible quantity grease cartridge filling for both large OEMs and small businesses. 3 fl. oz. – 14 fl. oz. amounts.

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Our years of experience in blister sealing enable a short production time frame.

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Common Products

  • Adhesives
  • Lubricants
  • Cleaners
  • Detergents
  • Expoxies
  • Solvents
  • Deodorizers
  • Pesticides
  • Oils
  • Aftermarket Automotive
  • More